Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tan Her Hide: Fiancee To See How She'll Be Spanked After Marriage

Tan Her Hide: Fiancee To See How She'll Be Spanked After Marriage

Feeling a little sad

I'm sad. I know it's because Mark has been gone extra long this time. It's been almost 2 weeks since he has been home. I know it's because i haven't had a good spanking lately. He has me to spank myself, and when I have been truly bad he will have someone like his sister to spank me if needed, but I just need a good hard spanking from him. I am so happy and fullfilled when he spanks me. I feel so loved & alive.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sorry, I have'nt posted lately. Sometimes life just gets way too busy. I have created something new you may enojy watching. Please check out the link below.

Friday, July 20, 2007

5.5 pounds

I have lost 20 pounds since last year and have been feeling very good about that. I have a real fear of gaining it back. I want to loose at least another 20 more. Each moth Mark monitors my weight by having me to get on a scale & he charts my progress. Last year when i first began loosing weight I asked him to get tough with me if I gained 5 pounds back within one month. If I ever gain 5 back; it's time to do something drastic to loose it & make sure I don't gain anymore.

This is something I asked him to help me with. He loves me either way, but admits he likes the added confidence I have wearing certain outfits or being naked now.

This morning, it was not good news. I have gained 5.5 pounds. I had a feeling I might have. My pants had been feeling tighter. Now, he has come up with a way to make me suffer & strive to do better. Sometimes it can be difficult punishing me since I love spankings so much. Each day, morning & nightly, when he is in town, I will be spanked, paddled, straped & then the cane will strike me for ever pound I am over weight untill I loose the 5.5 pounds again. Yes. the .5 pound will count as a strike of the cane too. I hate the cane!!! That is something I have never liked and it is a harsh punishment, but that is what I need and deserve. And even worse than the cane, I will be given enemas twice daily. Not the little bulb kind, but the kind with the bag. Oh the cramps! I am dreading it. Also, since it is summer. I am required to swim laps daily. If it rains, I am to run/walk on treadmill. When he is out of town I wont have the spankings/canings/etc. but I must do the enemas and exercise regardless. He is usually intown 3 days a week. Next week, when he comes back (& will be weighing me weekly untill the 5.5 is gone), he said if I have lost at least 2 pounds he will have either a friend of ours or his sister come to administer the canings on days he is not here. He has spanked me infront of each of them before, but they have never caned me before. That is a motivator because I would be very embarressed and plus, I hate the cane. I think, this punishment that he has come up with is very fair and just because I dont want to gain more weight or keep this that I have gained back. After we discussed this I instantly put a pie that was in the fridge in the trash. Yes. I am feeling motivated.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well my honey come home and gave me the punishment I rightly deserved. My bottom hurts now as I am typing about it. He first started by having me to undress and lay across his lap. His big strong hand began striking my bottom quick & hard. This must have went on for at least 15 minutes. I could feel my ass quickly get warm & stinging. I try not to struggle, but I eventually can't help it. I squirm way to much. Then, he had me to go get the ping pong paddle. He used it on my already red bottom. Wap! Wap! Wap! I begin to sniffle. He keeps on spanking me a little longer but I know I deserve it. He give me a few minutes for my bottom to relax as I kiss him in my favorite spot. Something about a good spanking makes me want to love and kiss on him so much!

After he is feeling more relaxed, he tells me that my punishment is not over with & instructs me to go get his belt and the 1 inch paddle. I do as he tells me. Since, I am so bad about squirming, sometimes it is best for me to be restrained. We have a special spanking pillow (as we call it) It is huge & shaped just perfect for going underneath me with my bottom in the air. He ties my wrist & ankles to the 4 post of the bed. He begins this time with taking the belt and sharply striking my butt & top part of my thighs. He stops occasionally to rub me & tell me that he loves me & coreses me. It stings, it hurts, yet I am glad he loves me enough to correct me when I am wrong. It doesn't take very long for my bottom to have various stripes all over it. I am now crying uncontrollably. He kisses me, rubs me & tells me it's almost over. The last of my punishment was with the big thick paddle. He delivers hard, quick blows to my bottom. Finally, he says that is enough & hopefully I will remember what happens & what will happen next time I am lazy & don't do as I am suppose to. He kissed me & loved on me. Then, we had some special time together. I missed him being away. Sex is always SOOOOOO Good, especially after being spanked! My juices flow like crazy after a spanking!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Self Spanking

Hi All! My name is Chrissy. From time to time I will be posting certain things I must do.

My Husband and I agree that I need to be spanked on a regular basis. I desire to do better and when certain expectaions are not met I get a spanking.

Earlier today I was instructed by my husband to administer a spanking to myself. This morning, I did not get up and get started with my chores as I was suppose to. He is out of town on business & since he was not here to administer my punishment I had to spank myself. I had to record it & email it to him. He will follow up & give me a more severe spaking once he comes home. He loves me very much and only wants what is best for me. We are both very much in to spanking. I on the receiving end & he on the giving.

But not all of my spankings are punishement. Some are for fun, some are just regular maintenance spankings, & then there are those sexual spankings.

I have a new responsibility now, & that is to creat a blog. This will be to share some of these events. Sometime, I will post pics & so forth. I hope you enjoy the corner of my world. :)